Defense of Karmax 3

By Rishabh Arora · Dec 13, 2016

In Defense of Karmax 3, you play the military leader of your home planet Karmax. Enemies are invading it and you must lead your team into battle and protect your planet from destruction! Destroy incoming arrows and shoot at enemy spaceships to save your planet from imminent danger! You must aim with precision and shoot down the incoming rockets and the dangerous spaceships. As the levels increase, so do your number of enemies. Shoot quickly and destroy all those attacking you! Can you do it before your planet gets destroyed?

In this fast-paced action game, you play Captain Rogers who has set out to save his planet Karmax from enemy spaceships. Aim at incoming arrows and your military tank will shoot lasers to destroy it. As the game progresses, you will be able to get more upgrades such as moving your shooter faster or sending out more lasers. You must play this casual game strategically and put all your military knowledge to use. Shift your shooter from left to right and capture all the rockets. The enemy shooters appear from every direction but it is up to you to destroy all of them in military style.

Overall, Defense of Karmax 3 is one of the best shooting games tailor made for casual gamers. You are enraptured from the first glimpse. The backdrop is brilliantly crafted and the music is apt. This game is every casual gamer’s dream come true with fast-paced action and adventure mixed into one.

Tip: Aim a little to the bottom of the incoming rockets to destroy them.

Play Defense of Karmax 3 here.