Dead End

By Vaishali Ramesh · Nov 23, 2016

Games usually revolve around a particular character, storyline or event, Dead End is unique. In Dead End all you have to do is initiate a defense against a swarm of zombies, seems simple? To be honest, it’s far from it. In Dead End you don’t actually play a hero who goes about saving the day, in fact you are in charge of a wall of spikes which are specifically designed to fend off wave after wave of these treacherous zombies. There are 6 spikes in all and you can work 3 of them at a particular time, alternate between the spikes by tapping on the screen. If the zombies somehow creep up and pass through the alternating spikes, you lose and you have to start over.

Dead End should be appreciated for its realistic gameplay, standout music, terrific sound effects and decent visuals. The attention to detail in this game is of top quality, the way in which the spikes split open the zombies when they strike or the expression on the zombies faces, the vibration like effect on your screen with every kill or the position of the scoreboard, everything seems perfectly incorporated and well synced. Zombies run at you with different speeds and from different angles, controlling the spikes is not a very easy job. Your score increases with every kill and the major objectives of this game are to survive longer and score higher.

Dead End is by far one of the best HTML5 games out there today, even if you are not very interested in this genre of games, you should surely give it a shot, it won’t disappoint.

Tip: Use your spikes wisely, they are the most valuable thing you have in this game.

You can play Dead End here.