By Rishabh Arora · Nov 21, 2016

Cyberfusion is an endless family game. It combines the aspects of every puzzle game one can think of and the simple logic of match three. The game challenges players to put their mathematical skills to the best use and place numbers in sequences. Cyberfusion is a swift game where the players are urged to do a whole lot of mental maths and addition. One must brush up on their counting skills before indulging in this game. Cyberfusion takes the game of math three to a whole new level in its fast-paced number game.

The gameplay is easy to comprehend. Players must place numbers on a board in such a way that at least three of them match. The numbers themselves range from one to six and when three or more numbers match, they combine to form a new number of a higher denomination. The challenge begins when numbers start appearing in pairs of two and players must also place them in the same order. With each successfully match of a set of numbers, the player too earns that many points.

Players must think strategically before each move in this irresistible mind game. The game requires immense concentration and constant thinking to solve the puzzle. The sound effects are apt and the backdrop gives the player a feeling of cyber space. Cyberfusion is truly one of the most intelligent and well thought out puzzle games on Gamezop.

Tip: Remember to keep adding in your head!

Play Cyberfusion here.