Cute Towers 2

By Rishabh Arora · Nov 30, 2016

Cute Towers 2 is a fun-filled arcade game by the end of which the players are all smiles and no stress. In this arcade game, players are challenged to overcome the cuteness of the objects and play a logical game. Cute towers 2 is a matching game which is  a bit more complicated than usual. Players must rack their brains to find a solution within the time constraints. This match three game will have the players frantically swiping on their screens to achieve the end goal.

The rules of the game are simple. Players must successfully stack blocks of the same colour to eliminate them and earn more points.  The challenge begins when not one tower, but two towers of blocks begin to form simultaneously. Players must quickly swipe blocks from one tower to the other before time runs out. If the screen fills up with blocks, it is game over! Cute Towers demands that the player not be swayed by the cute looking blocks and concentrate on matching them colour wise which is indeed a difficult task to do.

Cute Towers is a magical and visually pleasing game. The blocks of varied colours seem lifelike with their tiny mouths and eyes. The music is soothing and sets of the mood perfectly for a casual game. Overall, this is one of the most relaxing casual games on the internet till date. This is a must for players of all ages and could also be played with family!

Tip: Try to quickly match colours before the stack hits the ends of the screen!

Play Cute Towers here.