Cuby Dash

By Akshay Mehta · Oct 8, 2018

Loved playing the Snakes game on your mobile a decade back? We’ve brought the same fun and excitement with our HTML5 game Cuby Dash. Here’s a snake that loves…. Carrots! Well, yes, you read that right. Dash through the way and grab as many carrots as possible. With each carrot, the snake grows longer. But beware of the side walls. You hill a wall, you start the game over.

You control the snake’s movements using screen taps. Each time you tap on the screen, the snake changes its direction alternating between a left and a right turn on each tap. The snake should move forward avoiding the walls and collecting as many carrots as possible.

This simple and fun HTML5 online game makes you relive the era of Nokia 3310. What’s the wait for then? Click on the link below and help the snake find its carrots.

You can play Cuby Dash here.