Crazy Pizza

By Rishabh Arora · Nov 21, 2016

Crazy Pizza is a game that makes the player go crazy in hunger. It involves lots of pizza and no cooking which guarantees the player going hungry. Crazy pizza is a strategic game that requires players to think objectively and solve puzzles within seconds. It is innovative and fun at the same time.  The game is equally entertaining for young children as wells as older adults. All the game requires is for the player to have the most fun possible.

Crazy Pizza has very straightforward rules. Match three of the same type of pizzas and earn points. It is an endless game where new pizzas are added to the oven every second. The player must strategically drag pizzas from one stack to the other to match them. The pizzas can only be differentiated by their toppings that can range anywhere from chillies to pepperoni.  The player must identify these all on their own and match them to earn more points to make their mark on the leader board.

Like all other Gamezop Games, Crazy Pizza is an apt name for the game because it makes the player go crazy trying to match pizzas at the same speed at which they arrive. Crazy pizza is an endless arcade game that requires flawless time management on the part of the player. The backdrop is pleasing to the eyes and the music even more so. This game every causal game player’s paradise.

Tip: There are plain pizzas too!

Play Crazy Pizza here.