Cowboy vs. Martians

By Akshay Mehta · Oct 8, 2018

Imagine a day in the dead Texas desert where aliens have landed and attacked the humankind. Play Cowboy vs. Martians to join the cowboy and kill these aliens from Mars. The objective is fairly simple, aim and shoot. Aim in the direction you see the Martian and shoot to kill. As all cowboys, this one also has a revolver in his holster, a moustache and ofcourse the iconic cowboy boots and hat.

With amazing Southern country music in the background, the game leaves no stones unturned to set the right feel while shooting those Martians. When you leave for the mission to kill the Martians and completing all the 40 levels of the game, you’ll see different props like explodable gas cans, ice blocks, pendulums, chainsaw gears, escalators etc. Use these to give the Martians a run for their lives. Use the least number of bullets possible for a perfect 3-star finish.

Cowboy vs. Martians is a great game set with the perfect background. What’s more? It’s free to play this HTML5 game and you can play it anywhere just like other Gamezop game. If you’re a fan of shooting games, this one might just fit the need.

Play Cowboy vs. Martians here.