Countdown Calculator

By Rishabh Arora · Nov 21, 2016

Are you good at maths? are your addition, subtraction and multiplication skills as strong as you think they are? Test them out here with Countdown Calculator. Math all the way, this game tests your knowledge of the subject to its limit. But the question is, will you be able to cope? Or will time run out before you can count.  With the clock ticking away, keep your fingers and mind at ready, you must add and subtract at lightning speed.

There are only two hundred plus minutes on the clock and the challenge is to solve as many mathematical equations as possible within the time limit. To make the game easier, the screen shows you not only the question but the answer as well. All the player needs to do is tap the green tick for ‘Yes that is the correct answer’ or the red cross for “No that is the wrong answer’. It may sound simple but as time counts down and the equations become tougher and tougher, the player too must be quick on their feet and while tapping.

The game is an enjoyable experience that confuses your brain like no other. It keeps you counting numbers in your head way beyond the game and for those who thought they had forgotten their math skills, this is a real brain workout. Countdown Calculator, like every other Gamezop Game, has an array of wonderful music and colorful objects that attract the eye. This game is a must for anyone who wants a quick fun game that can tickle their brain.

Tip: Watch out for the ticking clock!

Play Countdown Calculator here.