Coin Grab

By Akshay Mehta · Oct 8, 2018

Help the piggy collect its lost coins in Coin Grab. The coins are scattered on a grid and you have to move the piggy in the right path so it can grab all the coins back. What’s the catch? You can’t hop on the same tile twice. Plan your path in such a way that you only move forward and don’t have to go back in the dead tile again. Play more to become a pro in this game as the levels get trickier as you progress within the game. Most of the levels just have a single solution for the piggy.

The controls are pretty easy. Swipe in the direction of the tile you want the piggy to move to. Watch out when there are multiple piggies on the grid. They all follow the same directions as the one you select to move. As you proceed, you’ll encounter multiple challenges such as wormholes.

The peppy music and the urge to know about the correct moves makes the user to play this game more and more.

Pro Tip: When there are multiple piggies on the grid, try to corner one of them so that when you move the other one, the former doesn’t kill the tiles on your path.

You can play Coin Grab here.