Clay Pigeon: Tap and Shoot

By The Gamezop Team · 2 Sep, 2018

Clay Pigeon: Tap and Shoot, is a challenging and highly addictive skeet game that requires great focus and skill. The game is just like real skeet and it implies the same rules and regulations that are followed while playing the real sport. In this game you are given 20 tries to hit clay targets that are flung into the air from different directions, angles and speeds. These clay targets simulate the flight of a bird. The controls are simple, you have to drag the aim to the target and shoot, that’s all. After you are done with your 20 tries, the game tells you your score and accuracy and in no time, you will keep coming back to better both.

This game requires great concentration and focus to succeed. The game gets really challenging when two targets are flung from different directions and speeds, hitting both of them is a strenuous and almost impossible task. The difficulty level of this game is what makes it all the more addictive. If you hit the target with better accuracy, you achieve a higher score and if you miss the target, your accuracy and shot percentage takes a dip.

Clay Pigeon: Tap and Shoot is laden with some fantastic visuals and sound effects. It doesn’t involve a background score as that would be distractive for the player. Overall, this is a great game to play if you are a fan of the shooting games franchise.

Play the game here.