Chick Chack

By Rishabh Arora · Nov 28, 2016

Chick Chack is an arcade game that rarely lets the player rest. This is a game of concentration and immense control. Players must fight against a little bird to keep it in the air. Chick Chack is a captivating story of a bird trying to survive. The only movement that takes place in the game is the bouncing of the bird. Players must keep the bird afloat to earn more points. If the bird touches the ground, it is game over for the player.

The gameplay is effortless. Players must swipe their fingers across the screen to control the movement of a paddle. The paddle in turn helps keep a small bird afloat in the air. Every time the bird touches the paddle, it bounces back in the air thereby producing more points. Fans of the old-school Brick-Breaker will instantly fall in love with this faster yet similar type of game. As time passes, the bird becomes faster and the players too must move their fingers quicker.

With a picturesque backdrop and harmonious music, Chick Chack is soothing and generates a relaxing effect. The game is perfect after a stressful day where the player can kick back and enjoy this calm yet fun game. The bird is brilliantly designed and the game functions smoothly like every other Gamezop game.

Tip: Control of the paddle equates to control of the game.

Play Chick Chack here.