Cheat Spidy

By Vaishali Ramesh · Nov 11, 2016

Cheat Spidy is a one of a kind logic game which requires quick reflexes along with common sense. In this game players play a spider, circling around a board in quest for sugar. Whilst searching for the sugar, you must avoid the other spiders which lay webs across the board as they come to take your food. What makes this game completely unique is the movement and controls of the spider. The spider can move in only two ways, either clockwise or anti clockwise, the side you tap influences the clockwise or anti clockwise motion. If you tap on the right side of the screen, the spider will move clockwise and vice versa.

Initially the game takes some getting used to and seems difficult. But no sooner do you get a hang of the controls and the gameplay, the game gets more engaging and fun to play. Once the game is grasped, you can progress to higher levels and collect bonuses to climb up the Leader boards. Cheat Spidy has some great mechanisms and dynamics and the entire game has a smooth feel to it. As with all Gamezop games, the visuals are great for an HTML5 game and the audio is well synced.

Cheat Spidy can be accessed across all Gamezop platforms may it be on your smartphone, through the Gamezop app, or online, via the Gamezop website, overall. Itis a compelling, addictive and fun to play logic game which will keep you hooked as you progress further.

Tip: Avoid the edges and cheat the other spiders on the board by not immediately attacking the sugar.

Play Cheat Spidy here.