Brick Plunge

By Rishabh Arora · May 6, 2017

Brick Plunge is a modern and innovative twist on the classic Tetris game. Although this game resembles the classic, it has some features and new mechanisms which brings about originality to this adapted masterpiece. Brick Plunge has some interesting additions which make the game all the more fun. For instance, the game is played diagonally, this makes judging the falling blocks way tougher and at the same time, makes the game challenging. In this game, you can even rotate the blocks while they descend down, thus it becomes much easier while piling them up into a line.

The game packs a real punch due to its sharp visuals combined with a great soundtrack and crisp sound effects which fit well into the theme of the game. Brick Plunge follows the same objectives of the original Tetris game and you have to arrange all the blocks in a line across the grid to earn points and increase your score. A perfect line, if arranged, will vanish and this will add to your score. If you are unsuccessful in making perfect lines across the grid, your blocks will add up and reach the top of the screen which indicates that it’s game over as you have no place left to manoeuvre the blocks.

Brick Plunge is fun, and just like the classic, very addictive. New additions add an edge to the game and make it much more fun. If you liked the original Tetris game then Brick Plunge is just the game for you.

You can license HTML5 games from Gamezop. To play Brick Plunge click here.