Boxing Club

By Vaishali Ramesh · Sep 25, 2018

Boxing Club is a competitive and gruesome fighting game which captures the actual experience of a boxer during a bout. In this game you can play one of the two boxers Ironfist or Dynamite. After you have selected your avatar, you are pushed into an actual bout where you have to finish your opponent using jabs, uppercuts and knockout punches. Each boxer has a health bar and an energy bar, you have to use your energy wisely to knockout your opponent and win the match. The gameplay is realistic and you actually feel like you are in the middle of a boxing match. Do you have what it takes to knock your opponent out?

Boxing Club has slightly complicated controls which take some time to learn, but once you have fully understood them, the game becomes easier and better to play. The fights last for proportionate amounts of time, and the energy bar gives you the feel of what a boxer might be going through while in a fight. You have to tap on different sections of the screen to throw different punches and make blocks. The game is challenging and many a times you will be thrown onto the floor if you don’t block a combination.

Boxing Club has some sharp visuals coupled with excellent sound effects which include the exact sound a punch, a block and even the crowd cheering in the back. The makers have paid great attention to make this game as realistic as possible. If you like action games or fighting games, then you should definitely try Boxing Club, it wouldn’t disappoint.

Play Boxing Club here.