Bouncing Beasts

By The Gamezop Team · 5 Nov, 2016

Bouncing Beasts is an arcade game perfect for kids and elders alike.  Players are taken on a wild adventure through space and time where they must save monkeys and pandas from an imminent doom.  Save the animals while they try to bounce their way on a vine and avoid falling into an abyss of nothing. Players must be sharp and realize that the animals cannot touch the vine under any circumstances.  With a varying range of animals, the player is entertained throughout the game.

The game commences when the players are faced with a cute and likable animal, be it a panda, a money or a koala. They must balance the animals in such a way that they never touch any part of their bodies on the vine. The vine itself is overflowing with leaves and appears endless. The player must persevere and keep on till the end to save their animals.

The game is fast paced and is easy to grasp. Once the players find their pace, the rest is a breeze. The sound effects are apt and are not to overpowering. The background gives the player a sense of playing in the backdrop of a forest when in fact the animals are hanging in space, way above earth. The characters themselves are cute and move with ease which makes it easy for the player to handle their movement.  

Tip: Keep the same speed throughout or you might find yourself in danger!