Blackbeard's Island

By Rishabh Arora · Nov 21, 2016

Blackbeard’s Island is a puzzle and logic game that requires that the player be smart, quick and agile while helping the pirate find his treasure. Blackbeard is in trouble and he needs your help to solve his problems. The treasure has been scattered all over the island and it is the player’s job to help Blackbeard retrieve all of it. Can you be quick and agile in swiping and moving Blackbeard around the island to collect all his treasure?

Blackbeard’s island is a logical game where players must guide their character through a grid to collect lost coins. The grid is not filled with just coins but also multiple obstacles that prevent the character from smoothly running to collect the treasure. The player must carefully move Blackbeard so that he can collect all the coins and move onto the next level. The game becomes a bit tougher when the player realizes that the only thing stopping Blackbeard form running off the board are the obstacles themselves. The players must then strategically move Blackbeard in accordance with the obstacles too.

The gameplay is easy to understand and players are quickly hooked onto this multiple level game. Blackbeard’s Island revolves around different portions of the island with different obstacles. As the levels go by, the difficulty level too increases hence players must always be aware of the board.

Tip: The obstacles stop Blackbeard’s movement.

Play Blackbeard’s Island here.