Barbarian Venture

By The Gamezop Team · 2 Sep, 2018

Barbarian Venture is a thrilling adventure game which captures the adventures of a nomadic barbarian through an icy world. In this game you play Olaf the Barbarian. You have to complete level after level by jumping over dangerous icebergs and avoiding those scary spikes. Through the levels you have to collect as many coins as you can and avoid falling into the icy seas. The game has some very simple and easy to learn controls and will keep you entertained due to its laughable soundtrack and antics of Olaf. Barbarian Venture gets more challenging as you progress and the intensity and difficulty of levels significantly increases at higher levels.

Barbarian Venture has very simple controls, all you have to actually do is move the Barbarian and tap to make him jump. The thickness and heights of the icebergs are unique and timing your jumps is key to progress in this awesome level-based game. The gameplay is realistic, fast and smooth. The visuals are funny and lovely. The soundtrack and background score, both are a perfect fit to the light-hearted theme of the game. Barbarian Venture packs a punch because of its entertainment quotient which makes the game all the more fun to play.

Barbarian Venture is a light-hearted, funny and easy to play adventure game that is sure to get you addicted. If you like level-based games, adventure games or casual games, then Barbarian Venture is just the game for you.

Play Barbarian Venture here.