Attack on Humans

By Rishabh Arora · Dec 13, 2016

Are you up for shooting down enemies? Are you ready to save your planet? In Attack on Humans, you play the alien spaceship descended on earth. Shoot at the human snipers to save yourself and take over planet earth! Aim lasers left and right to kill the enemy and rule over the mighty planet! Use all your resources and take over the planet, continent by continent. In this level based game, you must use all your weapons, bombs, extra snipers and even hail storms of lasers to shoot at the enemy and achieve your goal. Are you up to the task or will you be defeated before you taste success?

In Attack on Humans, you only need to move your space shop horizontally across the screen by tapping. Your spaceship is continuously shooting lasers at the ground. Help it aim for the human snipers and guards before they gun you down. The screen is contained only to a certain area. The surrounding areas are named restricted. Use the hail showers, bombs and even alien snipers that come your way. As the levels progress, so do the number of enemies. Keep an eye on the enemy shooter for they pop up at every turn. Save your spaceship from imminent doom and shoot with all your might!

On a whole, this game is a masterpiece in the sphere of casual games which are addictive and entertaining, Attack on Humans is not just a game of strategy but also one of agile fingers and quick thinking. The backdrop is picturesque and you are enthralled by it from the get go. Attack on Humans is undoubtedly one of the best fast-paced games on Gamezop.

Tip: Pick up all the mystery boxes that pop up.

Play Attack on Humans here.