Aqua Thief

By Rishabh Arora · Jan 14, 2017

Be a sneak ninja and collect all your money in this exciting adventure game of Aqua Thief. Dressed in yellow and black, you play a thief in the deep underwater world. You must dodge the police, the patrol and every other obstacle that is determined to stop you from getting to your money. The objective of the game is to collect all the coins on the screen. Will you be become richer or will your time run out? Collect all the coins and move onto the next level with more challenges. Collect coins quickly to score higher points make it to our Leader Boards!

The rules of Aqua Thief are uncomplicated. You must guide your ninja in a linear path to collect all the coins. But beware of the patrol and the other animals determined to stop you. Dodge them and achieve your goals in this exciting arcade game!  Collect all the coins in one go to score more points and get three stars for that level. Avoid run ins with the other animals or you must restart the game. Each progressive level becomes tougher with more coins to collect but equally more enemies to dodge. Think carefully and move your character smartly in Aqua Thief.

Overall, Aqua Thief is thrilling and keeps you entranced till the last minute. You will find yourself unable to put it down. The backdrop is jaw-dropping and the music is tuneful. The aesthetics of the game keeps you coming back for more. Aqua Thief is undoubtedly one of the best designed games on the HTML platform.

Tip: Release your ninja at the perfect time.

Play Aqua Thief here.