Animals Air Fight

By Vaishali Ramesh · Jan 13, 2017

Animals Air Fight is a fast paced, action thriller which puts your reflexes and tapping skills to test. The game features an in-air battle between animal controlled planes and it involves some interesting gameplay coupled with easy controls and well incorporated graphics. In this game, you control a fighter jet of three animals, rocket frog, commando beaver and repairing rabbit. These three fighters are all you must sustain your jet against waves of enemy attacks. Each animal has a different responsibility in your jet and even though the game is an action game, it requires logic and patience to excel. The game has extremely easy controls and this makes it even more addictive.

Animals Air Fight stands out due to its easy controls which are combined beautifully with its complex gameplay. The game boasts of some fantastic visuals which are perfectly incorporated with the sound effects and background music. While you fight the different animals and their jets, you must keep repairing your damaged plane, in this case the repairing rabbit will come for your defence. Thus, while you attack with the beaver and frog, defending the plane using the repairing rabbit is also key to survival. Therefore, you must approach each situation and level in this game with planning and strategy. Animals Air Fight is a level based game although it is endless, this means that the longer you play the game, the higher level you will progress to.

Animals Air Fight is an ideal casual, fun and entertaining game. If you like action, level based or endless games, then Animals Air Fight is tailor made for you.

Tip: Keep upgrading your animals from time to time.

You can play Animals Air Fight here.