Aliens Attack

By Vaishali Ramesh · Nov 23, 2016

Aliens Attack is a fun, entertaining and engaging action thriller which will blow your mind away. In Aliens Attack you play an army commander who is destined to save the face of the earth by killing all the dangerous aliens who have invaded the world.  If you have ever played the Contra Franchise, this game is sure to fill you up with nostalgia. To control your commando all you must do is tap in the direction in which you want to move, the commando is equipped with a large machine gun containing unlimited ammo. Kill the most number of aliens to survive longer in game and to beat your score. The aliens are just a bunch of hot headed extraterrestrials who keep firing in your direction, dodge each bullet to save your health and progress further.

The beauty of this game lies in its simplicity, minimalistic controls, smooth gameplay combined with subtle graphics and a great background score, make this game even more interesting for an HTML5 game. The game is not all that easy as it may look, alien bosses and the struggle for power ups will make your fingers tired just to clear each level. The attention to detail in this game is supreme, whether it’s the expressions of the aliens or the handy medals they drop when they die, everything just blends perfectly.

Overall, Aliens Attack is a super casual, addictive and competitive game which you should surely check out.

Tip: Be careful and dodge all the bullets, you only have 3 lives!

You can play Aliens Attack here.