Alien Kindergarten

By Rishabh Arora · Jan 14, 2017

Can you take care of several kids at once? Will you be a good babysitter? Then this is the perfect game for you!  Play Alien Kindergarten to test your caretaker skills. In this adventure game, it is your job to look after alien eggs. Babies are about to hatch from these eggs and in order for them to do so, you must help keep them warm! Can you help them hatch or are the doomed to a life inside a shell? Connect eggs in such a way that all of them acquire equal warmth to hatch. Move quickly through the levels and score higher points to make it to the Leader Boards!

The game rules of Alien Kindergarten are simple. Several eggs are connected to one another on the board. Move them around in such a way that they all turn green indicating that they all have sufficient energy to hatch. Make strategic moves and test each of them to be successful. Find the pattern and help give birth to more alien babies. Each successive level brings with it more eggs and more connections to be made. All the eggs must receive warmth to be able to hatch. Complete each level and go one step further in this story of extraterrestrial beings!

Overall, Alien Kindergarten is a good brain exercise and keeps you thinking long after the game has ended. The background is apt for the story and the sound effects are pleasing to the ears. This is a must play for every gamer who likes puzzles and adventure mixed together. This is undoubtedly one of the well thought out and craftier games on this site.

Tip: Watch for when each line turns green!

Play Alien Kindergarten here.