By The Gamezop Team · 3 Dec, 2016

Alfy is beautiful, engaging, addictive and aesthetically pleasing. Alfy is a story of the cute, adorable warrior who plans to become a legendary forest spirit. Join him as he embarks on his adventures through the mystical lands, trying to find the magical fern flower. While you join little Alfy on this dangerous quest, keep in mind that even though the game looks easy and seems to appeal to kids, it features some extraordinary puzzles which must be solved to progress to higher levels. The game is smooth and takes absolutely no time to get used to, it features some clever puzzles and requires brains and skills in proportion.

Alfy has simple controls and they take no time to master. The pace of the game is slow and this is perfect for a logic and level based game like this. The game is set in front of some exquisite backgrounds and boasts of a really soothing and somewhat mysterious soundtrack which fits perfectly into the theme of the game. The pace of the gameplay can be controlled and this makes the game a paradise for all the casual gamers out there.

Overall, Alfy is one of the best casual, fun and entertaining games out there. You should give this game a try.

Tip: Hold the screen for a higher jump.

You can play Alfy here.