5 Jumps

By Vaishali Ramesh · Nov 12, 2016

5 Jumps is a nostalgic game which is sure to remind you of the Italian Plumber. In fact, it has many features which are directed towards Mario, may it be the pipes or the plumber- the game’s protagonist. In 5 Jumps, you play a plumber who is facing a storm of monsters creeping up to him, all you can do however is to avoid those creatures, is to jump over them. The unique part of the gameplay is the fact that you can double, triple or even 4x jump your hero to avoid the creatures. You can lose your jumps if you stay in the air, stay on the ground to recover your jumps. Initially you start with 5 jumps, they keep decreasing with each continuous jump, so if you stay on the ground, you recover those jumps.

5 Jumps seems like an easy game, but its gameplay is fine tuned to make it difficult yet enjoyable. Different creatures of different heights charge towards you from both sides thus timing your jumps is key and the more you recover jumps the better it is. 5 Jumps has some great music and sound effects embedded into satisfying visuals. The gameplay is good and focuses on proper control of the character. The response of our character to each tap or each click is perfect.

Overall, 5 Jumps will remind you of the olden days on your video game consoles, although the game is completely different, it still resembles the classic Mario franchise.

Tip: Recover as much as possible and keep your jumps limited so that you have enough time between your current jump and the next.

You can play 5 Jumps here.