By Rishabh Arora · Nov 14, 2016


Can you solve puzzle with ease and strategies? Then this is the game for you!

1212 is fun filled board game derived from the classics such as chess and carom. Solve the puzzle to the best of your abilities to score more points! This game tests your sense of space and position.  Is your physics up to par? 1212 is a puzzle game that tests how well the player can place objects for optimal utilization of space. 1212 is a family oriented game that can be played to promote family bonding. It is a logic based, where all the player needs is common sense and an understanding of shapes.  

The player is presented with a board in a grid format on which they must place varying set of objects. The objects should be placed in such a way that no space is left unoccupied nor are the blocks stacked in such a way that they touch the end of the board. For more efficient use, the blocks come in different sizes, ranging from a single square to a long stick.  

The game is an entertaining puzzle that tickles the brain of the player. The player must be strategic and not let any blocks go to waste.  The game’s layout may remind the player of Tetris but requires a lot lesser thinking and a lot more fun. The backdrop of a grid helps immensely while placing the shapes in aligned spaces.

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