Hoop Loop

Rotate the circle clockwise and anti-clockwise to keep the ball within its play area.

Sheep Stacking

It’s time to stack some sheep! Drop them right and create the highest possible tower!

Dodge Bot

Run along the surface dodging the attack of the bots; hovering over them brings no laurels!


Eliminate all pieces of monsters from the board in this solitaire game, Monsterjong.

Foot Chinko

This blend of soccer and physics is an absolute delight that features world’s top tournaments.

Rapunzel Tower

He wants to meet her but she is kept in a high tower! Help the charming prince climb. Be careful!

Whirly Chick

There are cute birds and scary bars; make the former make their way through the latter carefully.

Drift Control

Control and save the car that is drifting horribly to the right in this short car racing game.


Dodge the incoming fireballs as they come hurling towards you from all four directions!


Slide tiles in any direction in this mathematical puzzle game to make identical digits converge.

Cuby Dash

Here’s a snake that likes… carrots! Swiftly move left and right, collect as many carrots as you can!

Soccer Jerks

Here’s the dumbest soccer game ever! How well can you play without turning around?

Fly Safe

A fast-dodging, easy to play but hard to master bird game. Collect as many coins as possible.

Game of Tiles

Tap on the black tiles, avoid the white ones! Speed is key.

Slap Fest

Attack! Retreat! Slap! Be quick and make your opponent scream in pain.

Nut Physics

It’s winter time and a cute squirrel is gathering nuts to combat the cold. Can you help her?

Jelly Slice

Slice the Jelly so that each slice contains only one star! Get 3 stars for maximum rewards.

Gyro Pong

Keep the ball in circle for as long as you possibly can! How much can you make in this fun game?

Shade Shuffle

Balance between the right and the left wheels so that their colours match with the balls.

Craigen Stones

Shoot the balls, break the chains, and become a true Barbarian Warrior in this action game!

Drop Me

Help cute creatures to climb into their tubes in this colourfully cute puzzle game for young and old.

Shadow Run

Guide the ninja to move swiftly between pointed obstacles and climb reach great heights!

Sheriff’s Wrath

How dare these dacoits wreak havoc in your county! Pull out your gun and shoot those goons down.

Dribblin Dot

Each time the ball lands, it will bounce: allowing you just enough time to turn to the right colour!


Light up your brains and every room with a limited amount of lamps and reflectors in this puzzle game.

Furious Speed

Your goal is to get as far as you can. Give the cops a bad time as they try and find their way to you!

Pixel Zombies

The zombie invasion just hit London. Smash every zombie but don’t kill civilians in this zombie game.

Flying School

Help cute birds learn to fly. Drag and aim to make them fly from one nest to the other.

Tricky Trip

Tap to build bridges to get the car moving. But wait! It can’t be that simple, can it? Length is key!

Evil Robot

Our retro hero is heartbroken for an evil robot stole away his love. Help him complete his search!

Barbarian Venture

Guide your character on his adventures through glaciers. Don’t miss his dance after each level!

Blackbeard’s Island

Help Blackbeard collect gold but beware of the enemies on the way in this logic game.

Animals Air Fight

Place various armed animals on the fighter plane and protect your aircraft from enemy ships.

Jelly Bears

Match bears of the same color to clear the level. P.S. Don’t play this game when you are hungry.


Don’t let the grid fill up! Fit all the pieces in this brain challenging puzzle game!

High or Low

It’s a game of luck! What do you instincts say – will it be a high card, or a low card?

Vegetables vs. Chef

Rumour has it that the unforgiving blade has been chopping veggies for years. Break its momentum.

Groovy Ski

Ski down the most dangerous slopes without hitting the roadblocks in this endless HTML5 game.

Super Goalie Auditions

Ten different levels with increasing difficulty to test your super reflexes as a goalkeeper.

Attack on Humans

You’re the captain of a UFO attacking planet Earth. Take down each continent one by one!

Pie Attack

Shoot the bad guys that are occupying the tower. Take them down and be mindful of the civilians.

Zombies Can’t Jump 2

Help the Mexican gunfighters Pedro and Juana to survive the attacks of bloodthirsty zombies.

Troll Boxing

Trolls are taking to the ring for a Championship! Jump right into the action in this boxing game.

Space Cowboy

This cowboy from Texas has been thrown into space. Good luck helping him gather the cattle!

Pillar Hopper

In this endless game, set right angles to plan perfecting landings for cute animals.

Sticky Goo

Creepy spiders and bleak platforms leave no room for error as you set out to save your love!

Quack Hunt

Move the scope and shoot the ducks before they fly away from the screen!

Swipe Art Puzzle

Move the pieces to recreate some super famous paintings made by old masters in this HTML5 game.

Looney Roonks

Arrange these monsters before they start falling off the cliff. Match 3 monsters to clear queues!


Help the Drone reach higher, avoiding the obstacles along the way in this cool endless game.

Falling Through

In this addictive game, smartly find the nearest gaps for the ball to pass through. Be quick!

Boxing Club

A hard fight awaits you. Choose between one of two glorious boxers and get into the ring!

Retro Hop

Hop around escaping blockades as they come along your path of movement. Blink and you miss!

Sway Bay

Jump from stump to stump, but keep an eye out. The jungle ropes aren’t known to be forgiving!

Rains of Fire

Switch between molten lava and freezing ice; make sure the dropping dollops meet the right ends.

Stay On The Road

A single track, coins to collect, and difficult corners to drift on and save the driver’s life.

The Sea Lion Act

Here’s a circus sea lion with a twitchy nose: balance as many objects on the beam as you can!

Coin Grab

Little piggy has found himself in Bitcoinland! Help him hoof through the levels by collecting all coins.

Sir Bottomtight

Run through the jungle, jump over bottomless pits, and fight with evil cannibals in this action game.

Find the Lady

Don’t let the lady out of sight, or you’ll lose the game. How attentive are you?


Rotate the Hexagon to match colours, prevent the blocks from stacking on incorrect counterparts.

Jom Jom Jump

Help the tiny monster jump higher from platform to platform. Try to eat all apples in this endless game.

Blackjack 21 Pro

The best Blackjack game online! Score more than your opponent but keep under 21 to win!

Juicy Dash

Juicy, tasty, match-3 madness. Prove your skills and match as many fruits as possible.

Let Me Grow

Control the water flow to make sure all flowers remain hydrated in this amazing puzzle game.

Astro Knot

Poor creature is stranded on unexplored land. Hop along to explore a beautiful galactic setup!

Homerun Hit

Step up to the plate for a great baseball batting experience. Be careful, 10 strikes and you lose.

Flexi Snake

It’s like the old-school snake but super flexi! If you’re a snake game fan, this HTML5 game will delight you!

Savage Revenge

Help the savage run away from the castle dungeon! But be careful of the many lurking dangers!

Pirate Kid

Time the jumps of the pirate as he manoeuvreas in a scenic setting, beset with crabs and scavengers.

Time Warp

Time Warp is a simple yet addictive game. Control time with your finger tips and let objects pass by!

Melon Pinch

Stick pins on the watermelon, avoid the beetles as the levels keep getting tougher in this HTML5 game!

Penguin Skip

Collect as may fish as possible but avoid falling in the icy cold water. Hop your way to endless fun.

Fidgety Frog

The frog breaks wind to rise above bars. Help him go higher without getting smashed to smithereens!

Dribble Kings

Run and find the best trajectory to dodge obstacles. Don’t let those quarterbacks take the ball!

Skill Shot

Blast from barrel to barrel avoiding the yellow critters, reach as high as you can.

Crunching Ninjas

Choose your ninja and collect and munch on the delicious crunchy apples in this endless game.

Little Bouncing Guys

Hop, jump, and bounce over obstacles and collect the purple star boxes in each level of this game.

Oh Yes

It is a little logic game where you have to fill the grid with either red or blue tiles.

Road Safety

Help people across the streets, watch out for gaps in traffic and make sure nobody gets hit by cars.

Clay Pigeon: Tap and Shoot

Here’s your chance to control a professional sniper and aim skeets in a shooting challenge.

Snack Time

It’s snack time and there’s only one rule: eat! Solve the puzzles to feed porky in this HTML5 game.

Rabbit Punch

Punch rabbits as they come out of the magician’s hat. DON’T punch the magicians. Speed is key!

Pai Gow Poker

The best Pai Gow Poker online! Bring out your high hands and low hands, and beat the dealer.

Monsters Burn Too

Control your little zombie in order to escape fire balls and other traps dropping from the sky.

Jimbo Jump

Jump from floor to floor, avoid the ghosts! How high can you climb in this endless game?

Save Your Pinky

Aim the knife between your fingers in this game. No margin for error: inaccuracy causes pain.

Pixel Brothers

Tap in the right direction to rotate the wheel and remain unscathed from monster attacks.

Raging Rail

Don’t let the raging rail crash into you but make sure that you don’t overspeed either!

Panda Love

Panda Love is a cute adventure game. Collect coins and advance but DON’T touch the spikes!

Shark Dash

Engaging game in which one collects fish avoding submarines, missiles, and radioactive barrels.

Marshmallow Dash

Dash through 20 levels of bars and barriers bringing your jumping skills to the best use.

Pirate’s Pillage! Aye! Aye!

A notorious pirate is out for his pot of gold. Help him outsmart his enemies and take the riches!

Focus Locus

Reach the center in this simple reflex-challenging one-tap game; gets super fast in no time!

Rescue Juliet

Help Romeo find his way to Juliet in this puzzle game. Love and mind games have an old connect!

Cute Towers 2

Match the coloured towers together to make them disappear and gain points in this cute game.

Hansel & Gretel

Go on a magical journey with Hansel and Gretel. Help them collect chocolates in this logic game.

Countdown Calculator

Get your mind to work through math problems before the timer runs out. Easy at first!

Zigzag Clash

Colourful and modern snake game with snazzier enemies and much cooler movements!

Terra Infirma

Skate without falling over as the Earth moves beneath you! Swipe up and down as fast as you can.

Black Jack Grid

Here’s Black Jack with a puzzling twist. Arrange cards horizontally and vertically to bring their sum to 21!

Cosmo Spin

Avoid the debris from outer space and keep your Captain safe. Watch out for the power-ups!

Veggi Rabbit

Cute bunny is a great chap but has one problem: can only eat fruits if in a set of 3! Help at will!

Quick Slip

A chill and relaxing endless game where you have to tap the ball carefully to go through obstacles.

Blocking Bugs

Claim portions of screen weaving lines. Beware of deadly viruses that will attempt destruction.

Drop Dead

Survive the treacherous dungeon full of dangerous traps. Be quick for time is of the essence here!

Memory Match Up

Match all identical cards while keeping a close watch on time!

Oh No

Fill red and blue dots to solve puzzles! The challenge is to determine the color of every piece.

Attention Span

The goal of the game is to tell apart your colors from your letters… very fast. Don’t get confused.


Defend your base against the incoming enemy horde. Be sure to tap right to kill the filth!

Aliens Attack

Blast extraterrestrials out of the sky in this action game! Be careful of the Boss Fights!

Hats Off

Flip the players’ hats and land them back on their heads. Hat throw shots are fun!

Skater Dude

Take your skateboard and race along the streets, avoid obstacles or policemen in this racing game.

Mouse Jump

Help mousie collect cheese crumbs – be careful, for in the gutters, being slow means being dead!

Cheat Spidy

Cheat the spiders, avoid the edges, eat the sugar, and watch out for insects in this addictive game.

Crazy Pizza

It’s another busy night at the pizzeria. Match 3 or more pizzas to prosper in this strategy game.

Aqua Thief

Dive into hours of fun as you help Aqua Thief in his quest to capture the underwater treasure!

Yummy Taco

Nobody said that running a taco shop would be easy. Can you keep all of your customers happy?

Super Sprint

Sprint and jump over spikes, obstacles, springs, and lasers. Run as long as you can in this HTML5 game.

Minigolf Kingdom

Make sure the ball gets into the hole as quick as possible. You get limited chances in this golf game.

Rocket Man

Rush through the maze before your fuel runs out. Fly as long as you can in this endless game.


This warrior wants be a legendary forest spirit. Step into this magical world of the fern flower.


Help this cute sheep jump from one platform to the other. Go as far as you can in this endless game.

Don’t Eat Trash

Avoid junk food and eat fresh fruits, vegetables, and healthy meats to stay alive in this arcade game!

Dead End

Sudden uprise of zombies is threatening humanity! Use the spikes to good effect to finish ’em off!

Rafting Adventure

Prevent the young man from slamming into the shores of this gorgeous but deadly canyon.

Rodeo Rider

Legend has it that there is a rider who can tame any bull. Your quest is to hold it true in this game!

Saucer Dodge

Wade through space and keep your space ship away from flying saucers.

Light Tower

Move the paddle to avoid deadly shurikens; collect white dots to slow down the dark spikes.

Chick Chack

This chick has been running wild of late; use the paddle to stop her from going down!


This wise wizard is trying to create a powerful new artifact but needs your help in seeing it through!

Basketball Master

In this sports skill game, you can see the trajectory of each shot. Aim for the center of the hoop.

Alien Kindergarten

Puzzle game in which you play an alien mom hatching slimy, oozing eggs across several levels.

Pigeon Bomber

Help this angry pigeon avoid obstacles, collect food, and drop bombs in this endless HTML5 game.

Hex Burst

Burst as many hexagons as you can – just don’t kill the snake.

Spider Solitaire

Get bitten by the solitaire bug and see if you can master this classic card game.

Cosmo Fighter

Your aim is to survive as long as you can by shooting enemy starships in this cosmic battle.

Pebble Boy

Hungry dragons have caged the birds of the realm. Join Pebble Boy, the Orc, to set them free.

Where’s Tom?

Tom is missing and you have to lift up objects in a specific order to see if its hiding underneath.

Mirror Me

Mirror Me is a relaxing puzzle game that exercises your brain. You have to reflect symmetric shapes for the patterns shown.


Numbers merge to make higher numbers, stars blast when merged. The best match-3 HTML5 game!


Survive the zombie horde as long as possible preventing them from crossing the bridge.

Evil Wyrm

Move carefully, find gems, and exit before the fire-spitting Wyrm can obliterate your existence!

Pixel Slime

Help this slimy green blob to jump over spikes and gaps to reach the exit in each level!


Rusty robots work in sets of two and are too old to move. Connect the right pair across 100s of levels!

Sling Soccer

Flick your soccer stars at the ball. If you foul by hitting the other team, they get an extra turn!

Grumpy Gorilla

This beast is addicted to chopping trees. Ensure he’s on the right side else he’d bang his head!

Punch Heroes

Karate out the enemies of our lone warrior fighting in the middle. But one miss and it’s all over!

Monster Wants Candy

Could you help the monster avoid the bombs and snag lots of sweets in this point and click game?

Red Rush

Tap to rotate the circles so that the dropping balls collide with matching colours!

Loco Motive

Collect as many treasures as you can hold while avoiding barriers and dead-end rail tracks.

Greedy Gnomes

Your aim is to make a column, row, or diagonal of at least four rubies in this multiplayer game.

Tower Loot

Remove wooden objects off the game board to get a treasure chest next to the magician.

Jelly Doods

Combine jelly shapes of the same color by sliding the jellies together. Use fewest possible moves.

Rock the Dock

Stack the containers on the ship to accommodate most number of containers; try being perfect.

Bike Tyke

Help Tyke deliver newspapers. Don’t forget to keep your eyes on the road in this HTML5 game.

Pumpkin Smasher

Your object is simple: tap on flying pumpkins to smash them up into pieces but avoid bombs.

Spikes Don’t Move

Here’s a cute bunny rabbit running about in an endless tunnel. Save her from those pointy spikes, will you?

Odd One Out

Jump the good guys to safety, dump the evil ones to death. Watch out for the timer!

Twin Hop

This Jumper must always be the same color as the pillar it wants to jump on. Can you keep up?

Bouncing Beasts

Help the animals hop from one twig to the other, without letting the rings touch the wood!


Catapult the balls from one launcher to another. Rebounds bring extra points!

Valley of Terror

A group of zombies is out on the streets. Your task is to clean them up and guard your town.

Submarine Dash

Dive into an underwater world full of beauty where you can collect coins too… just a little bit of danger.


Join this gigantic alien while he goes on a frenzy to smash up cars in this online action game.

Traffic Command

The city crossing sees some insane traffic. Navigate the cars carefully without letting any crash.

Rope Ninja

Time to show your ninja skills and catch as many birds as you can. Mind the coins you can collect!

Watch The Walls

Little bee needs your help in avoiding the spikes as she makes her way inside a massive beehive.

Jello Go Round

Change shapes and colors as Mr. Jello goes around the world eating little jelly cubes!

Fancy Diver

Swim from the ocean up to the water surface! Make way by removing groups of matching blocks!

Let’s Go Fishing

Become a fishing master by capturing maximum number of yummy fish in this adventure game.

Zoo Pinball

Here’s how they play pinball in the jungle. How long can you prevent your silver balls past the flippers?

Slit Sight

Fun precision game where you have to shoot a ball without touching the spinning obstacles.

Battle Fish

Grow fish to convert monsters into friends! Addictive arcade game with funny sea creatures.

Knight Ride

The canon’s loaded and the knight’s ready! Bounce through your flight while avoiding the onslaught of monsters.

Fizz Fuss

Is bartending on your bucket-list? Now’s your chance! Serve your customers well.

Jumpy: The First Jumper

Dodge all the random spikes that get in your way to become the best jumper known to early men!

Defense of Karmax 3

In this HTML5 game, Captain Rogers is a hero defending the galaxy against the alien invasion.

Tiny Tripper

The little trippers are out on an adventure. Change shapes and colors as you spiral across beautiful planetary landscapes.

Ugly Floaters

Kill all aliens and let pass astronauts to gain score and bonuses. Try get all achievements!

Snappy Spy

Switch gravity with a touch and avoid obstacles. Remember to get some sushi for extra points!

Cuby Zap

Shoot the red cubes until your lives run out. But be careful: don’t shoot the blue ones!

Blocky Tetris

Are you a nostalgic of the timeless Tetris? Who isn’t? You are in the right place!

5 Jumps

Jump over an endless parade of weird creatures. You can jump 5 times at once in this endless game.

Sneaky Snack

Collect worms and feed the baby birds. Watch out for the cruel vultures in this addictive game.

Lane Battles

Wrong-way driver on your lane? Be quick with the lane changes for you blink and you miss!

Ship It Up!

How far can you take the boxes? Make bridges between islands, avoid the watchtowers!

Laser Locked

Rotate the discs to match faces of the same color. You clear a level when the laser connects all discs!


Steer away from obstacles in this highway in the sky. This is sure to remind you of a few classics!

Cubes Got Moves

Roll over the cubes to their right spots. Cubes have different faces – put the correct faces on the correct spots to win.


Bounce off the platforms and make as many jumps as you can in this amazing 3D game!

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