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HTML5 Games - Learn more about the benefits of HTML5

1. Why HTML5 games?

Given the substantial decrease in app exploration and downloads by users over the years, HTML5 games offer a solution to provide users with an entertainment service without any friction. We happen to provide the worlds best HTML5 games to you in a simple but complete solution.

2. Do these games have to be downloaded/installed?

HTML5 games run online and do not have to be downloaded or installed.

3. Where can I play HTML5 games?

As these games are online, they can be distributed across any platform including mobiles, tablets, smart TVs and desktops regardless of operating system.

Our Games Library - Details on our library and what we do differently

1. How many games do you have?

We have 200+ games in our catalogue presently. View them here.

2. How many new titles do you add per month?

We add 7-10 titles per month.

3. Do you develop or license your games?

We develop in-house as well as buy titles from the best-in-class developers. Approximately 30% of our catalogue is developed in-house and are exclusive.

4. What languages do you support?

When buying / developing games, we take care to ensure that most games have minimal textual instructions. This makes our games language neutral. We do provide short game descriptions and our game names in any language that you seek

5. Do your games contain any in-app purchases?

No our games do not currently have any in-app purchase options

6. Do you white-label your portal?

Yes, we are first and foremost a white label gaming website.

7. What do you do differently from other HTML5 game Providers?

Game selection: Our library (at approximately 200 games) is kept small by design (Other players may have up to 350 games). This is done to maintain only the finest titles in our collection (each game is screened across 20 different parameters before it makes the cut)

Optimized Performance: We optimize each game keeping in mind factors prevalent in developing markets: low-end devices (such as $40 Android 4.0 mobiles),  weaker browsers that are popular, and slow internet speeds thereby increasing the potential user base, especially in developing markets. Additionally, using proprietary tools, we reduce the size (in MB) of each game by up to 80% while enhancing audio and visual quality

Doing business with us - Questions around business models, payments and operations

1. What sort of companies do you work with?

We provide the best HTML5 games for WAP, VAS, DTH, browsers, messengers, websites and apps.

2. What business models do you work on?

You can license HTML5 games from us or work with us on revenue sharing. The 3 business models we work on are:

  • Licensing – Flat monthly fee for a selection of titles and geographies
  • Advertising – Display ads and get a share of the revenue
  • Subscription – Charge your end users and share revenue with us

3. What are your payment cycles?

All our payments are done monthly, both to and from our partners (depending on business models).

4. What regions can I publish these games?

We hold global rights for our entire library so our games can be played anywhere by anyone

5. What about copyrights and IP legalities?

We hold all the copyrights and IP for every game in our library for global distribution, this includes graphics, text and audio so you can be rest assured of no problems on this front

6. How will I know how much I’ve earned?

Daily reports will be generated to be sent to you and your team via email.

7. Can we purchase your games?

No, you cannot buy html5 games from us for your website or app. However, you can license them to provide free online html5 games to you users and earn money rather than paying us!

Integration and Technicalities - Understand how we can provide our games on your platform

1. How do I get games onto my platform?

Simple URL (link-based) integration can be done to access a complete games portal.

For a deeper integration we provide an API endpoint to allow you to access individual games and embed them into your existing platforms. We will provide you with API guiding documentation to help you with this.

2. Will users have to exit my app?

No. Our games and portal can be accessed through your existing app without exiting to a browser.

3. Can I use my own ad-network?

We are happy to integrate other ad-networks based on your preferences.

4. Do you have an app?

Yes, we have a demo app available here. As with the portal, we can white-label this app as well.