Zombies Can't Jump 2

By Rishabh Arora · Jan 14, 2017

The apocalypse is upon us and it is up to you to save the world! In Zombies Can’t Jump 2, you must shoot at zombies and save mankind from extinction.  The entire world is facing imminent destruction. Can you save them or will everyone turn into zombies? Shoot zombies with your rifles and guns!  Build your fortress and protect yourself! And bring in companions to help on your quest in this exciting adventure game! The world is destroyed but you can resurrect it!  Do your bit! Destroy zombies and make the world whole again!

In Zombies Can’t Jump 2, you must shoot at zombies before they reach you. Build your own fort out of wooden crates. Collect more weapons and ammunition along the way and protect what is yours!  The zombies will move at a slow speed but don’t be fooled for they will keep coming in packs. Shoot down each group and proceed to the next level. Friends will also pop in to help you! Build their fort too and protect them from the incoming attack! As you move up the levels, the number of zombies you battle increase. Watch out when your fort collapses for the zombies will attack more ferociously! If the zombies touch you, it is game over!

On a whole, Zombies Can’t Jump 2 is an entertaining and exciting game. It has mesmerizing sound effects and a picturesque backdrop that keeps you coming back for more. This casual game will certainly energise you and distress you at the same time. Zombies Can’t Jump 2 is undoubtedly one of the best games on the Gamezop platform.

Tip: Build forts before the zombies arrive!

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