By The Gamezop Team · 3 Dec, 2016

It is rare to find a game which is as simple and challenging as Sheepop. The objective of this game is to jump sheep from one pillar to another as they cross the mighty river. The pillars are of different heights and are set apart at different distances from one another. They are also narrow and it requires a great deal of skill and precision to jump a sheep from one pillar to another. The game combines some simple dynamics with a not so simple gameplay and this makes it more challenging and addictive. At the end of the day, the question is that can you transport these sheep safely across the mighty river?

The game has very relatable controls and jumping the sheep seems a lot like slinging a few angry birds. Sheepop has some great visuals and some laughable and entertaining sound effects. Every time you successfully jump from one pillar to another, your score increases by one, the game is endless and gets very addicting as you keep coming back just to beat your high score.

Sheepop takes some getting used to at first, but once you understand the game’s physics and controls, progressing through becomes quite easy. If you like endless games, you should give Sheepop a try, it won’t disappoint.

Tip: Beware of ice pillars, your sheep slide right of them.

You can play Sheepop here.