Rapunzel Tower

By The Gamezop Team · 1 Nov, 2016

Rapunzel Tower is a game based on the fairy-tale by the Grimm Brothers. Players must fight to save Rapunzel from the tallest of towers. Will Prince Charming be able to save her or will Rapunzel be doomed to her unfortunate fate? Player must fight tooth and nail to get Prince Charming to the top of the tower whilst avoiding obstacles and jumping higher and higher with each tap of the finger. Rapunzel Tower is action packed and does not deter from the original story. The game only makes the story come to life with its incredible animation and effects.

In Rapunzel Tower, players must aim to get Prince Charming to the top of the tower by helping him jump on ledges. Prince Charming must jump higher and higher and bounce of ledges to make it to his one true love on time. Players must also face a series of obstacles set to deter Prince Charming from his goal. Crows fly from every direction and sometime whole blocks of ledges are missing making it impossible for Prince Charming to jump off. Player must use their logic and strategies to make it to the top. The game becomes tougher, the higher Prince Charming jumps.

The game is a masterpiece as far as children stories based games go. It is appealing to children of all ages. The backdrop of the tower makes the story seem realistic and the music too is apt for the adventure game. Overall, the game is must play for all those story lovers and casual gamers alike.

Tip: Use those purple ledges!

Play Rapunzel Tower here.