Odd One Out

By Akshay Mehta · Oct 8, 2018

Pirates and Ghosts, Knights and Dragons and Eskimos and Polar bears! Each of these pairs exists together but can’t always live together. You’re given the responsibility to sort them so. Keep the gates and allow only the right kind get through them. Dump the evil kind to death so they can’t enter through and cause a mayhem.

Amazing graphics, great sound effects, and simple interface are a few major highlights of Odd One Out, and these make the game stand out of the crowd of other online HTML5 games. Depending on the background, the characters in each pair will come queued to the gates at random. Your objective is to tap the buttons on the bottom of the screen depicting the right character on the front of the gate. The clock’s ticking so be as quick as you can and let as many good guys as you can to enter the gates.

Gamezop offers you to play this game on multiple platforms as well. While being an online HTML5 game on messengers, you can also play it on your browser or the Gamezop app itself.

Play Odd One Out here.