By The Gamezop Team · 5 Jan, 2017

Monsteroid is a game which incorporates a clever and innovative twist on the 1976 arcade game known as Breakout, but we also remember it as Arkanoid or Brick-Breaker. In this game, you control an out of control monster who is hell bent on causing rampage and destruction in the city. In this game, you move the monster to intercept and rebound a dangerous fireball directed towards the city, if you miss the fireball you lose a life. You are given 5 lives in this multilevel action thriller. The fireball turns all the cars and vehicles into ash as it touches them and to progress further you must destroy all the vehicles in a level.

The game is spread across different levels and its most lovable feature is the background score. You would literally want to pause the game sometimes just to listen to the background music. The game has some classic visuals coupled with superb sound effects. The controls of the game are minimalistic and easy to adapt to, all you must do to move the monster is drag your finger from side to side to keep the fireball in the game.

Overall Monsteroid is amazing fun. It is highly addictive and entertaining. The game is a level based, action and arcade game which is thoroughly enjoyed if you are fan of either of these genres. If you like casual games, then Monsteroid is the game for you.

Tip: Beware of cars that shoot bullets, they might hurt your monster!

You can play Monsteroid here.