Insane Lanes

By The Gamezop Team · 1 Nov, 2016

Insane Lane is a strategic racing game that requires the player to think in calm manner. Players must be on their guard against other incoming cars and trucks. Insane Lanes, as the name suggests is a car racing game where players should swiftly maneuver their car around deadly lanes and roadblocks. The roads are straight but the roadblocks just as many. The game requires speed and flexibility on part of the player. This racing game will be a hit with fans of the old school Roadrash or Need for Speed. With extremely fast gameplay and an increasing amount of challenges, this is a racing gamer’s dream come true.

The game rules are uncomplicated. Players must guide their car around several vehicles to reach the end. Cars and trucks may pop up on either side of the screen. It is the player’s job to look out for these obstacles and quickly tap the right or left arrow keys to move their own vehicle. The game becomes complex when the speed of the entire game increases and cars are whizzing past you. Players must become vigilant and concentrate on getting their car across in one piece. The farther along your car moves, the more point you earn.

The background is picturesque and the music is tuneful. With a scenic view of a grassy plain, Insane Lanes gives the player a realistic feeling while playing the game.  The music is apt and is soothing to the ears. Overall, Insane Lanes is one of the best racing games on the Gamezop platform thus far.

Tip: Watch out when the speed increases!

Play Insane Lanes here.