Homerun Hit

By The Gamezop Team · 2 Dec, 2016

Do you love baseball? Does the feel of a bat in your hand energize you? Then Homerun Hit is just the game for you! In Homerun Hit, you play a pro-baseball player determined to make as many runs as possible before you strike out! Hit those fast balls make a homerun each time in this action-packed sport game! The balls are thrown at a fast rate but you must not be deterred! Tap at the correct moment to hit each ball and send it far and wide! Score as many points as possible in the fast-paced game and make it to the Leader Boards!

In Homerun Hit, you play the efficient baseball player making more points with each connection of your bat with the ball. Tap once to swing your bat and send the ball flying across boundaries. The farther away the ball lands, the more points you earn. Hit the ball with all your might and send the ball soaring over the boundary lines!  This endless casual game tests your endurance and stamina. How hard can you hit the fast, incoming balls before you strike out? Tap at the right moment to hit the ball or let it fall to the ground and lose your points. The rules work exactly like a baseball game- strike out three times and your game is over.

Homerun Hit is an all-round entertainer that will keep you at the edge of your seat always.  The sound effects are akin to sitting in a real stadium and the backdrop even more so. The game is an overall hit and is paradise for a casual gamer. Homerun Hit is undoubtedly one of the best sport games on the Gamezop platform.

Tip: Tap when the ball is nearing the bat!

Play Homerun Hit here.