Dodge Bot

By The Gamezop Team · 1 Nov, 2016

Dodge Bot is a fascinating 2D endless runner, which will keep you engrossed in its brilliant graphics, amazing soundtrack and smooth gameplay. In Dodge Bot, you play a smiling astronaut who runs about different surfaces, dodging attacks of numerous bots. In this game, you are equipped with a jet pack which allows you to hover over the obstacles, the jetpack can be used endlessly and it has no fuel restrictions, this allows you to fly past the obstacles, however hovering or flying to beat the game won’t work as your score will only increase when you run across the surface. This is a clever feature which game makers have incorporated as this makes Dodge Bot a little tougher.

The controls of this game are minimalistic and all you need to do while playing this game is tap to jump your character while he runs at a constant speed. A standout feature of this game must be the background score, which is well synced with theme and gameplay. Makers have stressed on small details like the background or the sound effects your character makes to name a few, this not only adds depth to the game, but also makes it a more fun and enjoyable.

Dodge Bot is addictive and takes the concept of just one more round to a new level. It is an entertaining game which will keep you tapping till you break that personal high score just to set a better one. If you like endless runners, you should surely check it out.

Tip: Tap the screen to exercise better control of your astronaut, holding the screen is sure to cause a crash.

You can play Dodge Bot here.